About Us

OUR COMPANY is the best

Lotts Trucking & Logistics, LLC is a family operated business. We treat our employees as family. Families as we know  don’t always agree and although we dont always agree – sometimes we agree to disagree.

However at the end of the day we all want to do what is best for our small trucking family.


Lotts Trucking & Logistics, LLC (Lotts Trucking) will provide transportation solutions that maximize consistency, transparency and value-added services to customers in the changing landscape within the freight marketplace.

Vision : Lotts Trucking & Logistics, LLC (Lotts Trucking)  is to partner and provide distribution / sourcing strategies that maintain consistent and compliant  commodity transport throughout North America. Through steady research, trend development and rate forecasting we aim to provide dependable service levels to our customers.

Values : Lotts Trucking & Logistics, LLC (Lotts Trucking)  is CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT in LEAN PRINCIPALS

L – Link Development – Observe operational hurdles, perform root cause analysis and implement solutions

E – Efficiency Development –  Continuously evaluating current processes to maximize reliability

A – Accuracy Development – Create Poke Yokes and Kanbans to maintain ongoing transparency within operations